Piaggiodematei is an idependent company based in Barcelona. Piaggiodematei is devoted to crossmedia design and production and IP development. Founded by Marcelo Dematei and Laura Piaggio, both professionals with many years of experience in interactive design, audiovisual communication, character design, animation, art direction and digital production precesses. Piaggiodematei productions porsue educative and cultural values with high visual quality.

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What we do?

Motiongraphics and animation
Animation, video and motiongraphics. Parts intended to be disseminated in various media: dvd, tv, internet or mobile phone.

Design for digital media / web design
Websites, , e-commerce, interactive installations, apps … collaborate on editing the content, we propose the flow of information and exploit the potential of this medium of communication in particular. We manage the technical development as the project (planning, purchasing licenses, data loading, etc.).
Attractive and useful parts are essential to strengthen the identity of the contemporary company.

Character design and Concept Art
As much for audiovisual productions for promotional developments.

Brand development and identity
Each company is unique and your identity should be maintained to function credibly in very diverse and changing environments and competitive.

Editorial Design
Books, magazines and diferents advertisements to be printed and read. Each provides a certain kind of relationship with your reader, as its material, shape, typography and layout chosen, and so on. Journals, books and text, essay and literature, manuals and brochures, pamphlets and brochures.

Illustration and photography
Invent images that are needed, with many different techniques including digital, manual or mixed.

Different parts that come into contact with a company or product with your potential customer or user. Pieces that inform, advertise, provoke, seduce, they ask, attend, greet … as appropriate and the means used.

Consulting and Training
Experience in project management and production of various kinds, allows us to offer our method and knowledge.