Ariadnadoc in InterDocs Meetng Point

Posted on Jan 22, 2016 in News

On Thursday 15 October at 19: 00hs, ??we will present our webdoc “Ariadna. un recorregut interactiu per la lliteratura catalana del segle XX” in the InterDocs MeetingPoint, pill held in the Altaïr bookshop in Barcelona.

This interactive documentary is targeted to high school professors and students of Catalan and Catalan Literature. It explores nonlinearly the relations between literature and context (histaric, social, economic) since the end of the Spanish Civil War to the turn of the century and the linguistic normalization. The webdoc also offers fragments of recommended literary works, tools of literary analysis, expert comments, video readings, versions and related links.

The webdoc has been funded by the ILC, the SGAE and the PEN Català, in addition to the collaboration of TV3, UntrefMedia (Argentina) and the personal archive of several writers mentioned in the documentary. It also has the endorsement of the Department of Education of the Catalan Government, and will be included among the educational content recommended their official site.